Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Do We Have This?

Memories of a happy childhood?
My loyal reader has pointed out that a favorite ploy of mine is to walk around the house -- often in my purple velour smoking jacket with fez positioned at rakish angle -- and find items disorganized or unused and then base my blog post on such.  Guilty as charged!

Following in the demented and journalistic traditions of Andy Rooney and George Carlin, the former the great wonderer of "why," the later the great labeler of crap, I found the above-pictured toy telephone from LSS's early childhood of the late `60s or early `70s.

This is a toy for toddlers, and as our children have grown beyond the stage it's clear that value now is purely sentimental. I don't think our children ever played with it as they had no idea what it might be -- they have never seen a rotary-dial telephone.

I remember this toy from my childhood as well, but more importantly I remember from "Toy Story 3" that the phone, despite it's happy demeanor, had the voice of a hardened con. Of note:

The corporate marketing mavens at Disney Pixar/ Fisher Price were not born yesterday, more like tomorrow. For the classic toy is now sold with a sound chip so a child can replay dramatic moments from the film:

I still don't know why we are saving the phone, but now I worry that a young child will come upon it and be furious that it's so completely outdated.

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