Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Man With Stoke To Share!

The above picture is of my friend Greg in 2003. We met at a club for windsurfers in 2001 where he was thrilled to share his knowledge and help me buy used gear in Hood River.

Greg's enthusiasm about windsurfing and skiing has been an inspiration. No matter how much I would get excited about something, read, watch videos, Greg would be two steps ahead. He wouldn't lord this information over me, rather be in a rush to share it, have more disciples of sport, share the wealth of stoke.

For years Greg has been kiteboarding, slowly putting away his windsurfing gear. I steadfastly didn't want to follow, feeling my hard-won skills had gotten me to a confidence level I didn't want to give up.

This year I decided I needed to learn kiteboarding in part because I believe it will be easier on the body as the gear is lighter and also because I wanted to learn a new skill set. I felt I had accomplished all I wanted with windsurfing -- wave riding and sailing with confidence in high winds. I realize there is always another level to achieve, but I liked the idea of a smaller pile of gear.

True to form, when I told Greg what I was doing he lent me a kiteboard, showered me with instruction videos, and took me to the beach to show me the "pro tips" of setup and launching the kite.

Ever the stoke accelerator, he even filmed me mucking around in the water.

 I salute his generosity of spirit!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Daughter Nags Dad to Put On Parking Brake

When parking the car on mostly flat ground I don't usually put on the parking brake. Now that the daughter knows stuff, she shares her knowledge. I like to think I can accept feedback, so I will make an effort to apply the brake when parking the car.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Junior Year Recap

The kid shows off the teapot she made in the shape of a cattle skull.

These sandals were made in the industrial design class.
An awesome sculpture from ceramics class.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

No turning back -- the youngest now in high school

Tough luck for the kid as he had a head cold for his graduation ceremony -- so I used this snap from healthier times.

A hoodie, photos, running shoes, a flag, and, of course, the Communist Manifesto.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Simple Wisdom

When moving electronics around, always snap a photo of where the cables plug in. At the time it may seem an unnecessary step, but you will be surprised how often you will be thankful to have the resource.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Yet Another Photo Essay

Before the showcase.

I dig the decor.
Stickers on kid's computer.
Kid hard at work assembling gaming chair.

Kite the Gorge concession on the spit in Hood River.
No explanation needed.
Creativity is rampant here.

Gratuitous rat video courtesy of my partner in life:

The rat is Irving, the more media savvy of our two rat companions.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Reflections on office work

I’ve worked in offices. I’ve been in that salutary mode of saying, “Hey big guy. Working hard, or hardly working?”

I’ve been that guy trying to build affinity by stating loudly I wished the weekend would come soon.

I’ve been that guy…

But I haven’t worked in an office with other people in a long time. What do people do nowadays? Who the hell knows. 

This lack of knowledge struck me as I walked by a shop selling the tchotchkes for this type of silly office culture. Here is a sample of what I’ve been missing:

  • The Good Shit
  • I’m one glass away from bringing up a bunch of shit from three years ago
Enamel mug
  • Let’s just go camping and never come back
Ceramic mug
  • Let that shit go
  • I try to act nonchalant but inside I’m actually chalant AF
  • I am silently correcting your grammar
  • This meeting is bullshit
  • Teenage daughter survivor
  • Don’t worry about me. Worry about your eyebrows
  • Keep the immigrants. Deport the racists
  • If it requires pants or a bra it isn’t happening today
  • Here’s your snack dumbass
Pint glasses with “misheard lyrics”
  • I like big butts and a can of limes
  • Do you like bean enchiladas? Getting caught in the rain
  • Dirty deeds done with sheep
  • I’ve got two chickens to paralyze
  • It’s a nice day for a light sweater. It’s a nice day for a cardigan!!!
  • She’s got electric boobs a mole hair suit
  • Sarcasm is free. Sprinkle that shit everywhere
  • I’m not emotionally equipped to deal with the sound of someone chewing loudly
  • Ideas on how to be less condescending. (condescending means I talk down to people)
  • People I want to punch in the face
  • I like to use big words to make myself sound more photosynthesis
  • Let’s drink wine and talk shit about people