Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Drawer of Crap Explained -- Sort Of

There was an impulse to organize, but then a wave of pride at our high level of entropy set in.
  1. Five discrete rolls of cellophane tape -- a favorite item of self-expression with the kids;
  2. Toy surfboard;
  3. Empty pill container (?!!);
  4. Ear thermometer: These should be handed out as basic parenting gear whenever the National Committee on Parenting Gear gets its act together;
  5. Extra set of ear buds: Several meltdowns have been diffused with these bad boys;
  6. Bubbles: Somehow a vial has found its way into every drawer in the house;
  7. 2700 Post-it notes: I really hate running out  of these so I bought a bunch; I like the idea of a legacy for my grandchildren.

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