Thursday, October 11, 2012

Desk of a 10-year-old Girl

This is actually when the desk is spankin' clean.
Rooms keep evolving as long as there are people living in them. The argument could be made that my living spaces are devolving  as I am always looking to discard something. As I get older I am confused by telephones, the machine that blinks when you turn it on (the computer, my wife tells me), and mechanical pencils.

I yearn to return to the simple life of the Motorola Razor and indentured servitude.

As a handy filler for days like this when I got nothing, I post pictures of the kids' rooms. There is an innocence to the objects my daughter puts on her desk. I love the idea that she wants to curate a ribbon I won in 1986. Hooray for kids!  

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