Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What Martial Arts Means to the Daughter

Take a big pile of bodaciousness and then add twenty gallons of awesome sauce and you end up with a crew like this. 
My kids study martial arts. When they test they often have to write about their experiences and why they find their studies valuable. Below is my daughter's essay:

What Martial Arts Has Taught Me
Martial Arts has taught me to be a better person mentally. I have had a more positive attitude I always try to think what a Black Belt would do in my situation, I now try to be easy going and do what’s best for my team.

Martial Arts has taught me to be a better person physically. Since my time as a White Belt I have found that the physical activity that I do has become infinitely easier and every time I catch myself in the mirror I think whoa that six pack is definitely on its way! Martial arts has taught me to have better character. Whenever I’m doing a push-up I try my best and a little more to keep my body straight and get to the floor and up without stopping (working on that). Martial Arts has taught me that its not all about tying the Black Belt around your waist, it’s about becoming someone worthy of the title inside and out.    

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