Monday, November 30, 2015

Old Guy Complains About Technology

This technically isn't me.
Today I tried to work remotely using the laptop. A fine idea, in theory.

The marvelousness of connectivity is only true if all your devices aren't vintage 2010 ready-for-the-museum as is my laptop.

When I'm calm I know that five years is an eternity in technology, but when in the thick of trying to get things done I believe that because I use so many browser-based apps that somehow I can cheat the five-year curse.

Adding to the confusion is Intel Futurist Steve Brown, who gave an exciting presentation about, well, the future in his estimation. In his video he explained that devices will become more like the fixed costs of service providers -- they want the device to stay the same so they can make money on the apps and services offered through the device. Thus the need for frequent replacement of the devices will diminish.

This makes sense as our alarm service provider fought like hell to avoid replacing the alarm console, as it gets its loot from monthly fees.

So in a fit of delirious optimism I felt that my devices had been blessed by the future and would no longer need to be replaced so often, as long as I continued to consume new computing services.

Unfortunately the laptop didn't get the memo.


Friday, November 20, 2015

What Are Daddy Blogs About Really?

Not sure why I chose this art, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Recently someone summed up Mommy Blogs thus: It's a really tough job, you're doing fine, relax and have a glass of wine.This summary was not based on any actual article that I read, but I suspect it exists.

Such got me thinking, what would Daddy Blogs, or my blog, be about if I had to bluntly summarize?

Here are some ideas:
  • Hey, check it out
  • Things I find cool, and, oh by the way, my kid did something
  • The kid is insane
  • The kids are insane because their dad is me
  • Doing some stuff with/without the kids
  • My point of view and some stuff
  • Picture of kid, random commentary about everything
  • Our family is unique, almost
  • Who are you to tell me about Kung Fu?
  • Why Portland is not what you think, but much worse
  • My favorite character in "The Office" is Angela
  • Social justice is important
  • Modern times
  • We are all screens
Thank you for your patience and back to our regularly scheduled program.


Thursday, November 19, 2015

"Legend Of Korra" Fine Family Entertainment

The bald, bearded, stern older guy on the right is the character I identify with most-- often he is exasperated with his kids.

Lately the kids have been watching The Legend of Korra, an exciting sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender, both animated shows originally airing on Nickelodeon. 

Set in a fictional universe in which some people can manipulate, or "bend", the elements of water, earth, fire, or air, only one person, the "Avatar", can bend all four elements, and is responsible for maintaining balance in the world.

The animation appears heavily in debt to Japanese filmmaker HayaoMiyazaki, and is on one hand relatively simple, but employing a happy fusion of early 20th century technology and Asian styling. Of note, the show is an American creation, despite small doses of Tibetan Buddhism and large servings of Chinese characters. 

I’m happy the kids are into Korra as the storylines are overlapping and complex, handling a range of childhood and teenage relationship issues as well as terrorism and social unrest. Korra, the Avatar and main protagonist, is a teenage girl who doesn’t necessarily act wise beyond her years without a bit of prodding.

I give it a hearty thumbs up as the martial arts battle scenes are exciting and have that what-will-be-destroyed-next excitement.

A delightful mix of high and low themes, drama and humor, magic and realism, and stern, but wise, paternal advice – hey, I need a role model too!


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Marijuana Shops' Names Entertain Kids Despite Glowering (Sniggering) Parents

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Oregon since October. When we drive around the kids look for the the ubiquitous green cross so as to get a giggle out of the shop's name.

Yesterday I was driving my 13-year-old daughter home from school and we drove past a few colorfully named pot shops, when she remarked that the first step in the marijuana business was to get really stoned and think of a name for the business.

We then passed "Marijuana Shop" where she said, "Those guys aren't even trying."

Indeed. Those losers probably don't even like marijuana, just opening the store to make money.

So for those of you out of state here is a list of names of marijuana stores. Some names repeat as there is more than one outlet and I am too lazy to edit the list.

High Winds Cannabis
Alberta Green House
Western Oregon Dispensary
Pipe Dreams
Stoney Only Clackamas LLC
Top Shelf Wellness Center
Kush Klub PDX
DiamondTREE Inc
Green Otter Dreamery, LLC
The Holistic Choice
Pakalolo PDX, LLC
Green Knottz
7 Leaf Silverton LLC
Eugene OG
Gorge Greenery
Lime Green
Canna and the City
The Green Remedy
Williams Street Green House LLC
Greensky Collective LLC
Meg's Marijuana
Siskiyou Medical Supply
Nature's Alternative, Inc.
Oregon Cannabis Co.
Amazon Organics
Providing All Patients Access LLC
High Grade Organics
Peace Love and Cannabis
AmeriCanna Rx
La Cannaisseur
Piper's Holistic Essentials
Growing ReLeaf
Terpene Station
Divine Kind Inc
Herbal Remedies
Stone Age Republic LLC
Grateful Meds LLC
Jenny's Dispensary
Oregon's Finest
Green Room
Cannabis Nation Inc
GreenOak N.V.
Maryjanes Basement
Blue Moon Dispensary
Rogue River Herbal Pain Management Center
Puddletown Organics
Canna-Daddy's Wellness Center
A Better Way Medicinal Alternatives, LLC
Westside Wellness
Marijuana Paradise
Club Pitbull
Gras on 7th
Home Grown Apothecary
Rogue Valley Remedies
Umpqua Green Cross
Herbalist Farmer, Inc.
Buckman Cannabis
Marijuana Store & More LLC
Krystal Green
La Mota 4
Cannabis LLC
Oregon's Finest
TLC Medical LLC
High Desert Dispensary
Cannacare Organics, LLC
Powell House Cannabis Club
Cannabliss And Co
Zion Cannabis
Rooted Northwest LLC
Sacred Flower Medicinals LLC
River City
Oregon Medigreen
Miracle Greens, Inc.
Oregon House of Herbs
Next Level Wellness
Kush Gardens
West Coast Organics LLC
Track Town Collective LLC
Emerald City Medicinal Delivery Service, LLC
Vessel, Inc.
Alpha Alternative Solutions, LLC
One Draw Two LLC
Alternative Farmacy
Green Apple NW
1st Choice Cannabis
PDX 2519 SE Belmont
La Mota 2
Exodus Wellness Center
High Quality Compassion
ReLeaf MM
Allied Patient Care, Inc.
The Greener Side
The New Amsterdam
Sweet Leaf Cannabis LLC
The Joint
Buds on Glisan, Inc
Powellhurst Alternative Medical Center
Mt Hood Wellness Center, LLC
The People's Wellness Center
Portland Extracts
South Coast Dispensaries
The Agrestic LLC
Foster Buds
Home Grown Remedies LLC
Oregon Weedery
Collective Awakenings
Oregon Natural RX LLC
The Medmar Clinic LLC
Fireside Dispensary Inc
Portland Health Center Inc.
K9 Chronic LLC
J.C. Hawthorne's
Tokyo Starfish
Talent Health Club LLC
La Mota 3
Brooklyn Holding Company
Belmont Collective
The Pharm Shoppe
Columbia River Herbals LLC
Healing Green LLC
OMG Medical Marijuana, LLC
Brothers Cannabis Club LLC
Lincoln City Collective
420 Club LLC
Cherry City Compassion
Top Hat Express
Oregon's Herbal Remedies LLC
Alternative Solutions
West Coast Alternative Medicine LLC
Kind Heart Collective
Plane Jane's LLC
Kaya Shack 2
The Green Planet
The Human Collective II
Mt Hood Wellness Center, LLC
Native Herbs
Bud Bros
L.J.'s Medication Destination LLC
Pacific Wave Resource Center
Cannabend LLC.
Stone Age Pharmacy
Family Philanthropic Enterprises
Natures Better Health Center
Urban Farmacy, LLC
Cannabliss And Co
Progressive Collective
Plantae Health Care LLC
Oregon Grown Gift Shop
HWY 30 Cannabis, LLC
Kaya Shack
Dr. Jolly's
DiamondTREE Inc
Doctors Orders
The Grass Shack
Garden Kings
The Holistic Coop LLC
River City Holistic Health LLC
Vernonia's Natural Choice, LLC
Grateful Meds LLC.
Tree House Collective, LLC
The Medication Station Inc.
The Herbary
Jamaica Joel's
Oregon Microgrowers Guild
Green Goddess Remedies
Little Amsterdam Wellness Center SW
Purple Organics LLC
GW Retail Weidler Inc
Breeze Botanicals
Stoney Brothers LLC
Nectar Medicinal Herbs, LLC
Green Gratitude LLC
Medicine Tree LLC
Yer Best Bud
Breeze Botanicals
Attis Trading Company
The Medication Station I, Inc
Rose Plaza LLC
Rogue Valley Cannabis
The Gorge Green Cross
Oregon Coast Cannabis
Bridge City Collective
Sweet Relief Scappoose
The Green Front
Top Shelf Medicine
Flora Portland
Evergreen Medicinals
Green Stop Meds
Mountain View Naturals
Happy Leaf
Going Green Albany
Banana Belt Safe Access Center
High Desert Botanicals
Green Oasis
Sweet Leaf Illusions
New Leaf CannaCenter
Bijan LLC
Stonies LLC
Green Valley Wellness LLC
Pharm to Table LLC
Four Seasons Dispensary and Resource Center
Good Leaf Organic Collective
The Herbal Centre, LLC
High Tide Wellness Center LLC
Oregon Euphorics
House of Leaves
Eagle Cap Dispensary LLC
Uplift Botanicals LLC
Sweet Relief Natural Medicine
Patients Helping Patients LLC
Little Amsterdam Wellness Center
Blackbird Indica
Central Organics
Herbal Choices
Mandy's Med Club
Stumptown Cannabis
Little Amsterdam Wellness Center West
7 Leaf Collective
2nd Step Dispensary
Local Herb Collective
Sweet Tree Farms
Country Cannabis
Albany Alternative Health Solutions
Mid Valley Patient Resource Center
Kings of Canna
Pure Green
Going Green Sweet Home
Cascade Alternative Resources
Bloom Well, Inc.
Club Sky High
Club Sockeye
NW Compassion Medical Center, Inc
Green Cottage Remedies
Portland Organic Therapy
The Medication Station
Silver Stem
Natural Wonders
Canna Source
Five Zero Trees
Rose City Oreganics
Renee's Herb Store LLC
South Coast Compassion Coalition LLC
Five Zero Trees
Nature Script's LLC
Traditional Medicinal PDX
Farmacy LLC
Emerald Leaf Institute
Mainstreaming Our Medicine LLC
Deanz Greenz
Nectar Medicinal Herbs LLC
Bridge City Collective
Blooming Deals
Portland Medicine Pot
La Mota
Oregon's Best Meds LLC
Madras Resource Center LLC
Wellstone LLC
The 45th Parallel Group, LLC
I and I
Left Coast Connection, LLC
Rip City Remedies Inc
Portland Compassionate Caregivers
Plantae Health Care, LLC
Cannabliss And Co
Apothecaria LLC
Nectar PDX, LLC
Coastal Cannabinoids
Whistling Sister Green Goddess
Positive Vibrations
Herbal Grasslands, LLC
Earthy Herbs
Green-Way Medicinal Inc.
Calyxes LLC
New Vansterdam Med LLC
Portland Canna Connection
Waldport Cannabis DLLC
Thurman Street Collective
Flowr of Lyfe
Beaver Bowls
TJ's Kind Care
Green Health Associates
Twenty After Four Wellness Center
Terrapin Care Station
Maritime Cafe, Inc.
Nature's Choice Alternative Medicine
Northwest Releaf
Cougar Cannabis
The Herb Center
Oregon's Alternative Medical Center
Greeley Gallery LLC
Attis Trading Company Inc
Going Green West Coast Inc