Saturday, July 11, 2020

No Good News

The above graph for Oregon roughly mirrors what is happening to the nation. Oregon has 100-200 new cases a day and is set to experience a sharp increase if current trends continue. 

What this pandemic has taught me is that when it comes to big numbers, big trends -- a pandemic -- there is no magical thinking. Statistical analysis brings a hard reality to bear. We may have a low rate overall of COVID in Oregon now, but as long there are hot spots nearby we will never be safe. 

I just came back from the grocery store. The stores get it. Everybody wears a mask. All carts are sanitized. The restaurants which are open get it as well -- if your place isn't safe foregetaboutit. 

This concern for saftey needs to boil down to the offices, lumber yards, gas stations, every place. I am ready for something else but I know that such is a long time away.

I am patient in my stoke.