Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something My Kids Will Never Have

I've had a Japanese pen pal since 1989.
I've often lived my life waiting for the mail delivery. Living abroad in the 1990s I kept in touch with family and friends mostly through mail (of the stamped and papered variety).

Although each year sees fewer people sending personal, handwritten mail, Yukari and myself have maintained an old-fashioned pen pal relationship for about 23 years. I keep up my end, but she puts me to shame in the cartoon-sticker department and general production of the correspondence.

We met at college, had about three hours together in Taipei in 1993, but otherwise our friendship has unfolded through letters and cards.

I know it's theoretically possible for the kids to have pen pals, but I suspect this is the sort of thing that will soon be incontrovertible proof for the kids as to how fossilized I've become.

Stickers on the back too.

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