Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kids Reject Protein At Breakfast On Principle

Only one of these items will be eaten at breakfast.

 A few months ago I was cautiously optimistic a food renaissance was overtaking the family. I realize now such optimism was sadly misplaced.

I am lucky to have kids who will eat different kinds of foods, but when it comes to breakfast all bets are off. I garnish most all of my offering with slices of apple, which is the sure-fire item that will be eaten, unless the apples are too tart, mealy, blemished, or objectionable for any imaginary or conceptual reason.

The other standby is the bagel. For years I've toasted two bagels for my two kids, serving one dry and one with a bit of butter. As the kids are now larger and involved with calorie-burning activities I want to load them up with some morning protein. Cheese melted on a bagel is an accepted form of food to them, just not in the AM.

My daughter is starting to like scrambled eggs, but my son will only eat them when forced. My own experience sheds no light on this as I remember myself as a kid who ate a lot of different breakfasts, with many types of eggs, oatmeal, cereal, and dinner leftovers consumed.

I suspect I need to turn my back on this problem and let the subtler forces of nature do their work. Say what you want, bagels are still pretty awesome.

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