Monday, October 8, 2012

Festival Eating

When fully satiated I remind myself to photograph the next special meal I will eat. Somehow it never happens.

We just returned from a big family event, which is universally a big eating event unless your family is of an unusual ideology.

When the kids were really little we tried to stay on top of the sugar intake. This time I stayed a little bit on top of things, but actually wanted the kids to over-indulge – see how it feels. I like the proposition that on special occasions a kid can have as much dessert as she/he wants.

But there’s a caveat (there always is!). The younger kid would have eaten five packs of M&Ms before a delicious fancy meal – we were staying at a place that had constant-snacking options for the guests. So I had to explain the concept of Festival Eating versus Free-For-All Sugar Chaos, which is the next level.

Although both kids enjoy a good range of food, there still is the feeling that the Volstead Act for Dessert has been repealed when there are unlimited slices of cake to be eaten. All I wanted was that the nippers ate a symbolic amount of real food before binging on the sweets.

Party on!

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