Monday, October 1, 2012

Paleo Comes to Town

Not reflective of the new credo, but still what I ate for breakfast (legumes and bread, so very, very wrong!).
LSS is starting a new diet regimen. She's reading "It Starts with Food: Discover the Whole30 and Change Your Life in Unexpected Ways."

My life will be changing in unexpected ways, too, as I am the preparer of the evening meal, holiday and birthday meals, and most homemade desserts. As LSS reads the book she has pointed out how unfair I've been by cooking delicious food.

Just when we, as a family, are all eating the same dinner entrees, this comes along and will no doubt mandate a change in the menu, or at least her menu. The question I ask repeatedly as LSS trickles more information my way is: How will this impact pizza night?

Generally the diet is negative about carbohydrates and dairy, which means I will prepare bison steak, organic bacon, sweet potato, or perhaps a bowl of macadamia nuts to LSS when pizza night is upon us. I suppose this isn't the answer that she would most like to hear, but not observed through the new orthodoxy of Paleo, pizza is a relatively healthy meal.

I am too neurotic about food to discount this new doctrine, but am cynical about yet another fad. Generally all of us are healthy and enjoy fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, all of a minimally processed, organic nature.

I shouldn't complain (too much). Generally I like food and all that this entails. Most likely we'll find some new recipes and items and pizza night will somehow continue.

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