Saturday, September 21, 2019

All the slow cooker food now cooked under pressure


Once upon a time I used the slow cooker several times a month. Now every time I want to cook a slow recipe I throw everything into the pressure cooker.

It's like all my misgivings about the government, extra terrestrial visitation, political unrest are expressed in the way I cook. The apocalypse won't wait 10 hours. Better do things quickly.

I embrace my neurosis and hope for a lighter load.

Mental health stoke!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Rats Love Hide and Seek: Scientists Prove What We Already Knew

Above: Great rats thinks alike -- yesterday both rats at different times thought hiding in a tissue box would be most excellent.

Rats enjoy the game of hide and seek. Any rat owner can tell you this. When you let them out of the cage for free play, there is often an exploratory burst of energy, and then a settling in at the new hiding spot.

Scientists researched this behavior and concluded that for the rats this is a game with specific rules associated with it. Check out the story here.

This is yet further verification of what we already knew, that rats are highly intelligent, social animals that delight in play.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

“Buchamos” The Spanish Word I Invented

The hard truth: Our favorite flavor of kombucha sold out at the market -- mango passionfruit.

Celebrating the love our family has for kombucha, I invented the Spanish word “Buchamos” – meaning, let’s gather and drink kombucha, or “booch.”

The obvious question is why mess with a foreign language I know next to nothing about? Thinking back to the time I was a pseudo (pa-swee-do) intellectual, I learned that all languages mutate and change, and the engine creating the change is need, practically, humor, and everything else one can think of.

And why is Spanish the language of Kombucha? Indeed. At this point, one kid is studying German, the other Arabic. Somehow all of us in this household had a year or two of Spanish and regard it as an important language, even if none of us speak it well.

I commiserate with Spanish-speakers who might get angry with this cultural appropriation. To you I say, I mean no harm, only to celebrate the unique and refreshing taste of kombucha with everyone.

Kombucha stoke!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

New Sport Attempted: Downhill Mountain Biking

This picture sums up the experience well. You put your mountain bike on a chairlift, then ride it down a trail and try to avoid catastrophe.

I borrowed a friend's bike, which wasn't built or fully configured for this purpose, which slowed my speeds considerably. Downhill bikes have forks with 8" of suspension travel, cushy rear suspensions, and tires looking like they belong on motorcycles.

Still, the experience was excellent -- what's not to like with endless downhill? I kept having to remind myself that this wasn't like skiing, where a minor fall is no big deal. Here any fall, however slight, had the potential to break an arm or leg. Lots of full-face helmets and shin, knee and elbow guards on those who appeared more expert. Also, there was a system of access roads where the pickup truck with a stretcher in the back could evacuate an injured rider.

Another way to get up on the mountain and proclaim stoke!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Shoes From A Vending Machine

It's 3:30 am and you need a pair of sport sandals -- where do you go?

This vending machine in front of the Keen store will scratch your itch. One model, men's and women's sizes, all in dorky rainbow colors.

Here is a solution to a problem I don't yet have.