Saturday, November 27, 2021

Purrington's Cat Lounge

There's a coffee shop in Portland that has 6-8 cats running around inside. One makes a reservation, orders a beverage, and for 45 minutes can observe and interact with the cats (no picking up the critters is allowed).

This business operates in conjunction with the Cat Adoption Team, a quality shelter that we adopted Stuart from. 

If one goes to the cafe and likes a cat, all the usual screenings and requirements from Cat Adoption Team must be filled before the cat goes home. The result is that one cannot just have a beer at the cafe and come home with a cat. A cool down period, as it may be called, seem like a good idea.

Now that we are nutty cat people, it just makes sense to try out an environment with a significant number of cats.

The cafe idea is a good one as, according to the Instagram site, between 5-7 adoptions occur each week.

We're still believing that Stuart is the Best Cat Ever but interacting with him before adoption would have been nice.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Oxford English Dictionary named “vax” as 2021’s word of the year


What’s going on – a glossary (thanks WAPO!)

Anti-faxxer – referring to people who refuse to believe in facts (for instance, that masks and social distancing help protect people from the spread of the coronavirus).

Fauci ouchie — a phrase that refers to a vaccination against Covid-19.

Vaxcation or Vaxication – a vacation made possible by a brand-new vax card.

Vaxdar – a term derived from radar, referring to some people’s supposed ability to intuit whether an individual has been vaccinated.

Vaxinistas – a term for people who flaunt their vaccination status to the annoyance of others on social media.

Vaxxident – a traffic accident that results from the alleged side effects of getting vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Vaxxies — selfies taken while getting vaccinated.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Random Portland Photo Essay

Some have said that I am easily amused. Could be. I enjoy driving as well as riding in a car, with the ability to let my eyes linger where they may. At the end of a day I like riding more than driving, allowing the scenery to wash over me without the stress of lane changes and turn calculations. These photos are the result of yesterday's excursion to the pharmacy and to buy cat food. 

Friday, November 19, 2021

The Injustice System

The double standards of our justice system are galling in the face of the acquittal. Can anyone honestly believe a person of color would have been acquitted?

Jim Crow is alive and well as white supremacy thrives in our public spaces. If you shoot leftists and Jews, don’t worry, their lives are cheap. Shoot a white man and you might have to answer to someone.

The judge seemed absolutely in the corner of the defendant.

My heart goes out to the family of those murdered by Rittenhouse.

BBB Mascot an Early Indication of Something

Representative Pramila Jayapal of Washington poses next to the Build Back Better Bill mascot on Capitol Hill.

I’ve never wanted to be a sports mascot. But seeing the mascot for the pending Build Back Better legislation made me envy the human encased in the costume. The person gets to dance around, be a photo prop, hug kids, shake hands, promote good things, and have their identity concealed – this is as close to a modern-day costumed superhero as it gets.

Oh yes, and hopefully not solve problems with violence.

I’d like to know which human got to wear the costume. I suspect this task was given to the most junior member of some congressional staff, or even an intern. If I was managing this, I would have hired a professional mascot actor to elevate the moment even further.

I’m hoping this bill gets through the Senate, chalking up a win for public policy and democracy.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Let The Snow Fall

The traction tires have been deployed. I am getting organized with the noble thought of going skiing when conditions materialize. 

Sometimes I worry I take too much pleasure in sport. But then I ask myself, what is a more appropriate, dignified vessel for my interest? Stamp and coin collecting are stupid. The study of science and history are best left to the experts. 

So I'll wax up the boards and leave all the deep thinking until later.