Tuesday, February 18, 2020


These are my essentials for daily living. Keys, wallet, phone, and, yes, handkerchief.

I suffer from a potpourri of things that make my head explode in a sneezing fit. I might get up and breathe clearly, only at the store to stand next to someone covered in pet dander and erupt.

Having a handkerchief tucked in my back pocket is cheap insurance that whatever weird, exotic or troublesome allergens come my way I have a quick, reliable, socially acceptable way to handle it.

In those rare moments when a sneeze comes too quickly for even a quick-draw to the back pocket, my move of extreme unction is the vampire sneeze –sneezing downward while bringing the crook of my arm to my nose.

You’re welcome!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Life Is Good: Shoe Situation

I'm pretty satisfied with my footwear -- here's why:

1) Old hiking shoes are used for yardwork;
2) Hiking boots are well-worn and never blister my feet even after several hours on the trail;
3) I can walk all day in the city with these runners and feel almost fine;
4) Mountain bike cleats I wear on the bike in cold weather or if I need to walk around;
5) Regular road biking cleats I wear when I'm dreaming of being a tour racer.

Academics and serious amateurs should take note, for this will be on the test.