Monday, October 15, 2012

How Much Kid Art Is Too Much?

Can this ever  be taken off the wall?
Like other married couples, LSS and myself have different views about a few things. One of the issues that highlights the differences in our sensibilities is what to with kid-generated art (KGA). 

In an (exaggerated) nutshell, she would save everything and I would throw all of it away. LSS has a box in garage which has her KGA. She doesn't want to look at it and only does so when we move houses, which last occurred about 10 years ago. To throw the stuff away, in her opinion, would be to irrevocably lose a vital connection to her past self.

I have don't have any of my own KGA, but my parents do (a selection, mind you, not all of it). More to the point, there are several places in the house where I have taken a stab at adult-generated art (AGA), which is what can happen if art becomes a process rather than a conclusion. I have tried to remove some of my AGA and replace it, but LSS and the gang say they have become used to it.

I wish every month we cold wipe the refrigerator's exterior clean and then put the most recent KGA, photos, and stickers on it. I doubt it would be bare more than a few days. Much good KGA goes on Facebook or this blog. Personally, blank surfaces tend to stir my mind for artistic expression.

I hope to set a good example for the kids, that everything a person creates, uses, reads, need not be saved (or if it does, save it in the Cloud and avoid clutter i.e. blog). Currently the most difficult and combative issue I have with my daughter concerns cleaning her room. Any attempt at organizing, in all but the most superficial way, is exasperating.

I realize as children mature they will instinctively know that everything they make doesn't need to be saved. I just feel they will be happier, more energized about future creations, if they have fewer piles of clutter in their environments.

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