Wednesday, January 6, 2021


I couldn’t believe it, yet I could – there has been warning after warning that Trump supporters would do something crazy. Why not? The president himself encouraged it, senators and congress members supported it, the Trump media promoted it.

I watched hour after hour as the Capitol was sacked for the first time since 1812.

I want Trump arrested for sedition.

Perhaps his twitter account might be suspended? Naw, just temporarily locked.

The gentle way the cops handled the protesters made it clear where their sympathies lay. I wanted to scream.

I made a few memes as way of therapy but feel numb, like no matter what is said or done there are no limits or punishment for the chaos Trump has wrought.


  1. A truly seditious day. Trump delivered the American Carnage he’s been threatening. His campaign for office began with the racist birther lies. They continued with racist attacks on American judges. His thuggery was given a public outing during the impeachment hearings. And still Republicans continued to enable him. Now they are shocked to find out Trump is a fascist? Their sudden dismay can most charitably be described as willfully ignorant. Lindsey Graham’s sudden conversion is pathetic. I need to calm down with a walk on the beach. Then vodka.