Tuesday, January 26, 2021

In Between (Bar Bahar)


Last night I watched the 2016 movie In Between (Bar Bahar) about three young Palestinian women who for various reasons find themselves roommates in Tel Aviv.

The main theme was cultural, generational and gender conflict with various relatives and friends, with little direct commentary about being second-class citizens in Israel or occupation. This was refreshing, as the other films I’ve been watching have a strong message of advocacy. However, I’m looking for films that introduce newbies to the political, social, moral issues of occupation, so this wouldn’t be a good fit.

Looking at the list I posted yesterday, this film has been the most enjoyable to watch. For one thing, it depicts Palestinians as nuanced and varied in their outlooks and attitudes, fully developed characters, each with her own motivations and desires.

I fear from watching all the documentaries one might believe that every Palestinian can recite the verbiage of UN resolution 181 by memory.

The importance of this film for me is that it shows how nothing is static in these multi-generational conflicts. Each generation will survive and react to the situation as it sees fit. 

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