Friday, July 13, 2012

Where the Magic Happens and PED #1

Here I am at my blogging console controlling the "pipes" of the internet.
People have been asking me how exactly I do it -- and by "do" I mean write blog posts. In their minds blogging is a mystical pursuit done only after I ensconce myself in an Orgone Energy Accumulator for several hours. Not so! I only use it on weekends and for medicinal therapies.

Early construction on the tetrahedron-shaped structure I require for blogging.
Lately the ideas have come as: 1) LSS  or my brother point out a moment in the day that I should write about; 2) I get so annoyed at my devil spawn that I need to have cathartic release in the written word. Today was a combination of the two.
My brother and I taking a break from fabrication of parenting ideas.
The new segment I hope to make a permanent feature of Portdaddia Blog is called Parental Ethical Dilemma (PED) in which I highlight the impossibilities of ever doing anything right.

Parental Ethical Dilemma #1
If a child builds a structure, such as with blocks or Lego, how much time does the structure need to sit unattended before another child can use the material for a new project? This point came up about every 15 seconds today along with the more intricate concern of "sphere of influence." This relates to a child sitting amidst toys and claiming custodial rights on material soon to be used in a project, even though they were not yet in service.
Toys available? No, no, no!

My general response to these and other points is to scream incoherently at the children until we all are hysterical and on the verge of tears. This doesn't necessarily help solve the question at hand, and can be a terrible interruption at dinner, but it makes me feel good for directly confronting the problem and showing everybody I'm a "hands on" kind of father.

It's either that or lock the kid in the Orgone Energy Accumulator. I do realize he will eventually need his own (an excellent DIY weekend project).

Good luck and wood screws work better in high humidity climates.

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