Monday, July 23, 2012

Note from Camp (2)

For the record, this wasn't comedy camp.
Here is the text from the above note (the transcription also includes the unusual sign off).

(this message was recorded in a British accent)

Hem, hem Dear Family,
I have promptly decided on my costume. I will be deeply honored and privileged if you will allow me to play the Halloween role of – drum roll please….Thor! Although we may have to go to a store and purchase a “costume” as you Americans  call it. I have gotten your package and all the postcards you guys have been sending me.  I miss your clan deeply and will be most joyous upon my return. The pie that they serve is of low quality and very cold. It consists of poor crust jello and whip cream with old strawbrys* on top. I just came back from my overnight and we were at the SAME campsite that we were in! We slept under the stars on a tarp and the next day we went to the Tillamook forestry center.

Sincerely signed,

Lady O of Muffinyumingham


*I did that purposely

Of course I laughed when I read the above letter from my daughter at camp. The laughter came from a vivid mental picture of her speaking in a British accent. As I was raised on Monty Python, a comedy troupe who raised the silly bar to the stratosphere, it's hard not to concede that the King's English is a far more comedic tool than the flat, nasal consonants of American vernacular. It's fair to say that the British, on whole, are a far sillier people than we are. How I envy them!

If we actually get a Thor costume then the training will start on the Scandinavian accent. Other than the Swedish Chef on the Muppet Show, I can't recall any Scandinavian comics. I will research this. My Minnesota upbringing will stand me in good stead here.

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