Monday, July 16, 2012

Boys Doing Their Thing

The true nature of innovation.
Yes put two seven-year-old boys together and get twice the trouble, but also reap the benefits of two unique and creative minds.
Waterproof battle squirt tank.
The lads found a cardboard box in the street on a walk. After alternating pretending to be robots they discovered the true purpose of the cardboard. Using two sprayer bottles, masking tape, and plastic bags they improvised the above.

On the far side is also a squirt bottle with the nozzle set for a thin stream of water, while the one in the above picture is set for a fine mist. As the tank advances, it was explained to me, it has long- and short-range defenses. The plastic is to repel enemy water lest the card board get soggy.

The design might have advanced but it was time for lunch.

On other fronts, the daughter has not written from camp since her first few days there, inspiring the following gratuitous card from me.
Always on the lookout to be embarrassing for my kids.

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