Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hecuba! Churn the Butter!

Hardly footwear of early American settlement. 

The problem: When I refer to my wife as “wife” or “the wife” in this blog she frowns as the words conjure up a hard-bitten sodbuster calling for his woman to get out of the Conestoga Wagon and bring the shotgun, whiskey, or, God forbid, the harmonica.

The best solution so far has been to create a TLA (three-letter acronym) that succinctly and eloquently describes her. This idea, as well as many others, has come from my brother, who will surely get his own TLA soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the woman formerly known at “the wife “is now the LSS (Long-suffering Spouse).

LSS™ is currently asleep, unaware of the adoration of the blogosphere. I will tiptoe on-line with this post and hope for the best as I wink to the audience.

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