Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

Explosive combination. 
My son and my nephew are the best of friends even though they only see each other a few times a year. As soon as they are together they energetically start building forts, spying on the enemy, arraying ranks of toy soldiers in formation, and, unfortunately, raising ultimate mayhem.

There is some personality combination, or perhaps festive family reunion feeling, that just brings out the  most boorish tendencies in my son. None of the usual deterrents are effective and there is only one surefire fix -- separation -- which unfortunately involves my direct involvement.

Part of me loves to see such boyish energy burning so brightly, but too often this energy becomes insults, teasing, arguments, and just general obnoxiousness.

We tried dressing both of them in camouflage, hoping they would blend into the forrest, but we did not lose awareness of them -- it seems they enjoy an audience.
One of the two during a lull in the action.

Given the planning and logistic support of other professionally-minded adults, we succeeded where before I alone had failed -- we got the little guys legitimately tired.

Being in the Northwest has its advantages, such as large tracts of land for kids to run amok. I like egging them on, yelling, "Outside voices! Louder please!"

Business as usual

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