Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When the Kid Is In Charge

I try to add value to every play experience, even if relegated to the role of consultant.
Last night as a bedtime activity my son wanted me to help him set up his Star Wars Lego. We had spent the previous night repairing the spacecraft so everything was ship-shape. I was raring to set up a full-on battle scene, with every rocket and light saber pointed, every craft piloted, every Gungan warrior posed in deadly attack.

The kid, however, had other ideas. He wanted the "bad guys" to be going on about their business while the "good guys" spied on them.

One would think that for spying a line formation would not be optimal -- such are the trials of imaginative play. I will still demand my consulting fee.

Making things worse, every time I placed a piece it was wrong. So I kept the kid company and occasionally asked questions why he arranged things as he did.

I knew he was the boss of this project, but I really, really, really wanted a battle scene and tried to talk him into it. No compromise, no negotiation.

He ended the session by flatly telling me that only a new Lego set would compel him to change the set-up.

He may be the boss and have won this round, but September and school will come soon enough and I'll have my chance to show the universe our galactic fighting mettle.

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