Monday, July 2, 2012

True Life Tales of Reality

Weekend hanging around.

The big news this weekend was the younger kid returned from camp (the older one will hit the road in a few days). Perhaps next year both kids will be gone at the same time, certainly provoking in me an existential crises of a severe magnitude. I will start to prepare.

As previously noted, the younger kid was fixated on who cried when he was gone. We did, in fact, miss our son and created a video to this effect. We showed the kid the following last night:

He was charmed for a few seconds before having a meltdown, crying that we did fun things without him. He may have been away from home for the first time, but he is still seven years-old.

Added bonus: this is what a 10-year-old eats for breakfast when all options are available:
Scrambled eggs topped with baked beans.

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