Tuesday, May 8, 2012

¡Viva el pijama excelentes!

There are moments of self-realization that are so sudden and dramatic they cause heart palpitations and a dizzying swoon. The results of such cause one to radically alter the course of his life. I had one of those moments.

We were getting the kids ready for bed and each excitedly put on his and her favorite pajamas. This is a common tactic by parents, getting kids pajamas they’re really thrilled about to hasten the sleep experience – or at least that’s the theory anyway.
The other favorites are happy dancing space aliens.

My son had his Clone Wars pajamas, my daughter an animal print pair. My wife totally gets in on this action with a colorful Día de los Muertos motif. And there and then, it hit me – I have been excluded from this literal festival of sleep. Why? All sorts of nightmare scenarios swirled through my head – had I hardened my heart to accommodate the harsh realities of life only to find myself excluded from the joy of family sleep life?
"Feetsy" pajamas could have been the prize-winners only a few months ago. "The Warriors" series of young adult fiction influenced this selection
The wife embraces a Latin flavor.
My pajamas are a faded L.L. Bean flannel affair that when I wear them the family agrees I look really, really, aged. I’ve asked my wife repeatedly for some more in keeping with our family’s dynamic, even gave her the chance to give them to me for a birthday gift, but the task has remained beyond her interest or capabilities.

My punishment for not giving importance to color, emotion, the dignity of fatherhood. I can and will do better!
So in the clear light of day I realized I have the power to shape my own destiny, at least when it comes to sleepwear, and used Amazon points accrued on the credit card to advance my pre-bedtime standing, not only in my kids’ and wife’s eyes, but more importantly, my own.

In a few days I will have a colorful pair of pajama bottoms that I fully intend will catapult me from last to first among the fashionistas of our home. My family is rooting for me, hoping beyond hope that my recent selection will be all the pajama I can handle.

I will keep everyone informed. Wish me luck!

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