Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ask a 10-year-old

When your kids start reading it’s great, they pick up story books about bunnies and fairies, and everybody sighs shamelessly in a warm glow of self-congratulations. But the next moment you turn around they’re ordering vodka and cigarettes off the internet using your credit card (mitigating factor: points accrue).

So now I have a house full of  “readers” who access “stuff” on the internet. So of course they have started reading Portdaddia and have begun the eternal complaint everywhere, that parents just don’t “get it.”

I realize that most Portdaddia readers have had the thought that if  they were in my shoes things might be done “just a wee bit different.”

In the spirit of fair-mindedness I let my daughter vent on her unwilling elevation to content provider.  

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