Monday, May 14, 2012

Free to be -- and the kids can do stuff, too

Yadda yadda the environment: Dog Mountain, WA
My wife is not afraid of frank dialogue.

So when she yelled, ”Scranus!” this was not exactly an unprecedented moment.

More to the point was why she would choose that word out of so many other, equally excellent, choices. To answer this we must explore what this blog is about and the nature of parenting in Portland, Oregon.

As we live here, our perceptions of our fair city may not be in keeping with nationally sanctioned stereotypes, but with our smug self-assurance, they come pretty close. What does Portland mean to me?
  • Cool bike stuff and activities
  • People doing arts and crafts and blogging about it
  • Food carts
  • Yadda, yadda the environment
Capitalizing on the above points, parents, myself included, feel “liberated” to laugh with the kids at the more scatological parts of life. Perhaps even to combine this propensity for juvenile humor with an earnest desire to call the parts of the body by their correct names, as well as take gender issues and, well, treat them cavalierly.

“We’re close to nature,” the feeling goes, “so if you need to yell ‘Scranus!’ on a bike path, you should not feel inhibited.

So far the kids have learned the lesson well and we all had a wonderful, if, at times, chaffing, experience this weekend.

Onward to the future challenges of Northwest life!

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