Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Anti-tax Pandas

Panda perfect!

Thanks for sharing your comments (via email and telephone) – yesterday’s post was a big hit.

My brother suggested I could have shown “Airplane” to my kids as both the first and second film are on Netflix – he was most likely cracking wise, as the auto pilot scene, while excellent, is not one I would enjoy explaining.

An oft overlooked detail of “Airplane” is the taxi passenger who is left waiting. That is none other than Howard Jarvis, the anti-tax activist who sponsored California’s Proposition 13 in 1978.

Other feedback: My daughter pointed out that King Julian’s friend Maurice is indeed a lemur, but that Mort is most likely a bushbaby.

Suspected non-lemur.
Undisputed bushbaby
 Coincidentally, my daughter needed a flash drive for school and yesterday my wife purchased one with a panda case. Fearing pandas would lose their street cred in our house after reading my post, my daughter panda-ized this morning to support the brand.

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