Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our refrigerator explained

A)  Sentimental stuff from a long time ago, not really sure when

B)  A highly effective symbol indicating to children the kitchen is a no-whining zone

C)  Emergency contact numbers

D)  Some other stuff from a while back

E)  Photo from last vacation where we tried to be ironic, but in the end realized we were middle-aged and ridiculous

F)  “Eat to enhance clarity and lightness, keeping the body light and nourished and the mind clear.” This makes me feel good when I decline having a breakfast dessert

G)  Kid poem: drunk meat above my head/ kill the blood y/ the small storm shows/ after my playing cook the road/ woman still shaking bitterly/ men spray water up their sausage/ ugly cries from the sun/ the winter men worship the Goddess beneath a wet lake swimmer/ smearing up the chocolate power for less picture music

H)  Kid picture illustrating the music of Mozart, Jamaican steel drums, “Beetles” and Celts

I)  No fly Zone as evidenced by “Cars” magnets no one in household would admit to liking

J)  Need to ask the wife what this is all about

K) “Magnetic Poetry” magnet: we need this to remind ourselves what we are supposed to do with all those goddamned magnetic words that keep falling on the floor

L)  Benihana souvenir


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