Thursday, May 24, 2012

Texture and Dimension

My daughter's consigliere delivering a poignant message.

How best to deal with a furious child – this is the sacred elixir that we all search for, hoping for a technique, expression, group of words and phrases that, when expertly rendered, reduces that screaming pile of rage into your child.

If anyone finds it please tell me – I’ll even pay.

Anger management for my children and myself is an ongoing concern. Despite being a self-proclaimed expert (I do have a blog!), I got nothing here. My children meltdown and I patiently deal with it.

Adding texture and dementia dimension to my life is the way my daughter channels her anger: a plush bear formally known as “Sweetie Pie,” recently became “Sweetie Horatio Scarface Pie.” He was enlisted to deliver a message after much door slamming. He apparently does not approve of the way I handled a recent dispute. Other directives:
At least I don't have to worry that the kid is suppressing the anger. My family is talented this way.

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