Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Zombie Camp Proving Fun For Our Survivalist Kids

A promotional photo from Trackers Portland for their Zombie Ranger day camp.
Both kids are doing zombie camp this week. From the promotional material:

Join the elite instructors of the Trackers Rangers Guild: Special Zombie Unit for awesome survival training in preparation for the zombie apocalypse. They teach you the skills vital for your survival in this brave new world of the undead.

Archery and Zombie Combat Long distance bows are silent, versatile and way cool. We train at local archery ranges to develop keen aim and focus. And we use safe foam arrows in live action stealth games.

Wilderness Survival Learn the art of outdoor survival so you can guide and protect your village beyond the city and into the safety of the wilderness. Make a smokeless fire, safely harvest wild edible plants and build invisible shelters the zombies will never find. Also plan your Bug Out Bag. Gain the experience to not only to survive, but thrive.

Stealth and Invisibility How do you move through the shadows unseen? What is the perfect camouflage to disguise your scent from the zombies? What are best strategies when you are going on the offensive and planning a zombie ambush? Our expert Rangers Guild instructors teach you their arts of stealth and evasion in order to evade the zombie hordes. 

The camp teaches outdoor skills in the 2015 context of zombie apocalypse. I'm all for this.

Needless to say, when the kids come home they often are in another world.

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