Friday, July 17, 2015

Kids Continue To Occupy Parental Bed But Now With No Pretense Of Concealment

Unlike in the past when kids tried to covertly occupy the bed, now they flagrantly move in, daring anyone to try and stop them.

I still have some moves left, like playing the "old and cranky" card, whereby I'm able to convince them to make room for the wobbly old guy.

At the recent Portdaddia conference, a place where academics and serious amateurs shared theories, the argument that the kids gravitated toward the parental bed to enjoy the strident commentary made by the parents in response to NPR was put to rest.

New approaches posit that the kids are drawn to the bed because they are suffering the effects of "continental drift" or have been struck by a "cosmic ray."  Researchers continue to look into this phenomenon.

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