Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Finally Ask Me About Something I Actually Know

My mother's 1950s era Rolleiflex.
Unbeknownst to me the son was given an opportunity to buy a book and he chose one about the history of photography. I found him online looking at vintage cameras. He was excited he could purchase an old-timey camera for a modest amount.

Little did he know I had inherited two iconic cameras from the golden age of lots-of-futzing photography.

I had the pleasure of showing him my mom's old Rolleiflex and explaining how it worked, why the image in the viewfinder was upside down, why two lenses.

I also showed him my dad's old Leica, explaining what a rangefinder was and how this early camera became the design model for generations of 35mm cameras.

Despite my bohemian pretensions and veneration for these old-school classics, I am not in the fancy-camera game anymore. I have a micro four thirds, interchangeable lens digital camera but generally use the camera most often at hand -- my phone.

I wish I could be more artsy and make some argument against digital photography. The sheer fun of being able to click away and see the results instantly is just too much joy. 

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