Monday, July 6, 2015

Mega-dessert Project Debated By Experts

The above document illustrates the academic protocols used to analyze dessert data.

So the kid wrote all her thank-you notes which qualified her for a mega-dessert, a really big, special sweet item, full of all the delicious stuff. 

Faced with this daunting task of choosing the dessert, the kid then used her computer to draft a data table of her choices. Initially I thought she would choose something from Ben and Jerry's as she perennially feels constrained by the single-scoop limit; but, as you can see, Dairy Queen beats out the premium stuff in her estimation.

She didn't bother listing the advantages (Pros) of each item, the reader understanding anything that made the page is tasty. Disadvantages (Cons) were listed, however, to further help refine her thinking and crack wise.

For the record, an extreme amount of doughnut holes was listed (by me) at around 200.

At the moment the layer cake from a local bakery appears to be ahead in the polls. I will keep everyone posted on the results.

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