Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greenpeace Climbers Suspend Themselves From Bridge For Awesome Social Action

I snapped this with my phone earlier today. Portaledges, line networks, kayak support -- is this how to get things done?

The kids were impressed with the resolve of the Greenpeace protesters suspending themselves from the St. Johns Bridge to prevent a Shell icebreaker from leaving Portland for the Arctic on an oil-drilling missing.

My activism consists of endless meetings and emails chains so long as to boggle any mind.

I had about five minutes of envy for the climbers sitting on the end of their ropes in the morning sun -- the view from their roosts looked spectacular and serene. When I reflected that the temperature would reach near 100 and the protesters would most likely be there several days my envy turned to the thought that I wasn't a climber and such stunts are for the young.

I did read on Twitter that the import of this event was that it brought climbers and kayakers together (two warring tribes?).

Those floating in the water were "kayakactivists" while the climbers suffered lack of a cool tag.

To those suspended from the St. Johns Bridge I salute you!

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