Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rock `N' Roll Camp For Girls - The Banana

We are so proud of our rockin' banana.
The daughter once again participated in Portland's Rock `N' Roll Camp For Girls and had an excellent time. Her band, Failing At Victory, performed their song, "Our Bananager (band manager)  Made Us Change the Name of This So We Wouldn’t Get Yelled At.”

The video:

Lyrics to“ "Our Bananager Made Us Change the Name of This So We Wouldn’t Get Yelled At:”

You have all these stupid rules about things that don’t affect you
For instance, why do you care about the color of my hair?
And the lengths of my skirts, your disapproval really hurts,
Or the sex of my date who you already hate,

And with all your ignorance just try to keep your distance,
You believe the earth isn’t warning because where you are it’s snowing,
And feminazis aren’t real you need to get a new deal,
You confuse my fight for rights with Jewish genocide

I’m done with being part of your machine
Society can’t judge me on who I want to be
I know who I am and that’s ok
I’ll come out I’m not afraid

You want me to apologize for not being the norm,
 I hate to burst your bubble, that’s not my form
Why is it that I never get to hold your gun, wait I know it’s ‘cause I’m not your son
What is hiding in your closet, a shallow personality the size of girl’s pockets
You don’t want me being good at too many things, Mr. More Than One Wedding Ring
I’m always too skinny or too fat like I’m some pretty thing for you to look at
I’m not self-centered, I’m confident don’t demean me because I’m competent
I think I’ve got a new solution, it’s my turn now for revolution

Here’s a list of things I hate
One of them is fruit cakes
Unnecessary cannibalism is not cool
If you do these things I pity you fool
Sexism, Racism, Ableism, Bigotry,
People who come and just take selfies
You don’t look alike and yet you’re “twinsies”
Your cutting in line is hella not fine
And grape flavoring just ain’t worth savoring
Weird adults, creepy cults, your lame mind games and uneducated insults
Little kids and when your bike skids
Stop talking so loud your hashtag’s in the cloud
The Holocaust did happen it’s the reason why we’re rappin’
Also… Periods


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