Monday, January 5, 2015

Weird Backwoods Magazines Give Me A Feeling Of Unease at Supermarket

I was visiting a small town in Oregon and I spied these two magazines in the supermarket. I immediately felt unworthy as my hides have gone a long time unstretched and my roots are not in need of a cellar.

I'm more of nylon and fleece guy rather than buckskin, and, well, whatever else these models wear -- Calvin Klein underwear?

Every generation has its back-to-the-land types, but are you the real deal if you need to subscribe to a lifestyle magazine to get your look right?

I suppose when the nukes fly like may bugs and I'm alone outside the walled settlement I'll wish I hadn't been so snarky at this moment.

My contingency plan is to download back issues on my Kindle and catch-up before the marauding bands of scavengers and feral dogs get me.

Until them, onward to next market aisle! Packaged food awaits!

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