Thursday, January 29, 2015

Laura Ingalls Wilder Would Be Shocked And Dismayed... Or Wildly Happy

LSS recently organized the pantry to reveal meager supplies.
I am not prepared for the apocalypse unless you mean zombie apocalypse, then we are well prepared, at least in philosophy (first stage: scrounge food from the city, then when it is clear there is no Internet move to the country and learn to grow crops and squint at strangers when they approach).

I grew up in Minnesota where classmates' parents "put up" fruits and vegetable they had grown themselves. 

No such talents on our parts.

Should the grocery store run out of food we most likely would survive about 15 minutes, then we would face the void of a larder stocked with hot sauce and canned tomatoes.

I can't help but ponder what a person who lived in America 100 years previous would think of our lifestyle -- probably be like, "Cantaloupe in February? Forget all that pioneer crap, sign me up!"

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