Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kid Continues To Move Around The House Looking For Improved Productivity

My workspace has been invaded!
The 12-year-old has a history of being a seeker, a searcher, a restless spirit who desires the functional, yet spiritual, place where homework assignments can be done with minimal mental stress.

The dining room has been tried, as has the kitchen table, her bedroom, our bedroom, and finally my own workspace.

She might comment that each place has its own special merits.

I'm happy not to sit in front of my PC in the evening, even happier if the space helps brings a mental state of flow.

One of our projects is to help her design the "ultimate productivity center" in her own room, investing in a full-size desk, chair and all the accoutrements. I suspect we will start this soon.

Until then watch your step!

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