Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Kitchen Gadget Allows Crazed Data Collection -- I Say Whoooooo!

The water is 212 degrees when poured into the iron teapot. The temperature drops to the 180 degree range while brewing. When poured into a cold mug drinking temperature is around 160 degrees. I know I am insufferable, but the tea tastes as it should.
What is the point when I say "whoooo!"

LSS might answer the point of no return.

When a nifty kitchen gadget lets me geek out while cooking -- more data please! And could you add a few standard deviations on the side.

A friend showed me his digital infrared thermometer, a device that instantly gives the temperature of a surface without touching it. He used it in latke preparation, ensuring the oil hit the appropriate 350 degrees.

The dude made a damn good latke, less greasy, too, as he strictly controlled the oil temperature. When I learned his magic device wasn't so expensive I decided to join the technological kitchen revolution.

Now I can start data collection on fry pan surface temps for peak quesadilla production, or graph the perfect temperature grapefruit is to be served.

Stay tuned for more exciting culinary temperature discussion.

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