Friday, January 9, 2015

Neat Toy Area Reflects Growth Of Children

I might not have ever believed I would see the floor in front of the toy area.
I am a father to a 10-year-old and an almost 13-year-old. I knew things were changing when I straightened up the toy area and a week later all is still in place.

I have received permission from the younger kid to pass on some of the toys -- but not the weapons.

The plastic halberds and foam swords will no doubt be used in a video production. The younger kid is set to be a famous Youtuber.

I'm trying to encourage the older kid to use this space as her PMA, a place to pile her crap when she comes home from school instead of spreading it around other parts of the house.

More optimistic members of the household hold faith that the kid can learn to put things away. I embrace the theorhetical possibility of such an event but find it unlikely.

A curated PMA that holds its boundary works for me.

"Powerful Sloth Energy"

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