Thursday, May 15, 2014

Utility As "Math Dad" Finally Expires

I was hoping to hang in there past the sixth grade, but no.
Last night I got stumped. The kid needed help with understanding the difference between a proportion and a ratio, or maybe it was cross multiplying a variable with a consonant. I've been bluffing along quite happily until last night.

The gig as "Math Dad" has expired most suddenly.

Originally my exit strategy was to use the internet as a resource to learn scientific math-y words to confuse my daughter. "It's just too complicated for you," I would say in a gentle tone. "I think it best you work with your teachers to phrase these expression more associatively, in the Cartesian way, if you get my drift."

Then she would look at me with awe that I knew the true workings of the universe, but, somehow, had difficulty explaining myself.

Instead she looked at her notes, figured the problem out on her own, and gave me a brief tutorial on the arithmetic.

At least I can lord it over her that I can drive and she can't -- I have that much for a few more years.

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