Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New Family Guilty Pleasure -- "Bob's Burgers"

The Belchers: Louise, Gene, Tina, Linda, Bob

Somehow the trials of the Belcher family of the television show "Bob's Burgers" is the new must-watch show of our home.

I had a jaded view of animated cartoon families and thought there could be no new exciting comic characters after such shows as the "The Simpsons" or "Family Guy."

Louise and Gene perhaps strike our funny bone the hardest as their characters embody an earnest, yet misdirected, striving of childhood.

Like the best comedies, I see myself in any number of the show's wacky situations -- the main point of agreement is when the absolute nuttiness of a family's standard operating procedure is held up to scrutiny. What parent hasn't thought that if a camera ever recorded what routinely goes on in the house such would be the oddest assemblage of video footage ever?

And the quick joke in the opening sequence adds an extra bit of excitement -- good work Fox!

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