Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nine-year-old Outlines Goals For Summer

A scan of the source document.

The kid is excited about summer. So excited he wrote down and officially submitted (to me) his primary objectives. They include:

  • Summiting Dog Mountain (we turned back last year).
  • Complete hike of Cathryn Creek trail
  • Kill all the Nazi Zombies ( a reference to a father-son Black Ops activity)  
  • Ribs and watermelon and coleslaw and (grilled) peppers and mushrooms
  • Launch a river mission to take the peninsula (A stand-up paddleboard mission)
Will keep everyone posted on where we are on the list.

1 comment:

  1. Missions 1 and 2 or missions 1 and 3 could be completed simulataneosly if zombies are on Dog Mountain trail or Cathryn Creek trail. This would optimize use of limited summer hours. Best of luck!