Monday, May 5, 2014

Third-grader Launches Major Art Retrospective

"The Base" is representative of 2013 major works as it treats themes of alien conquest, war, and the irreducible eloquence of the human spirit with the wit and charm only a 9-year-old can muster.
My son announced he was ready for more of his art to be put on the blog. He ended up giving me over 100 drawings from second and third grade.

"The Concert" explores the escapades of an imaginary band called "The Zit." In this work the artist turns away from conflict and destruction to celebrate the simple joys of a peasant dance.

Perhaps more emblematic of the second grade drawings, "WWII (part 1) deals with the trauma of war and suffering unleashed by an unfeeling Captain America who represents a hegemonic United States.

"WWII (part 2) links thematically to part 1, dramatically creating a mechanized Götterdämmerung, deconstructing our fascination with destruction. 

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