Monday, May 12, 2014

Oregon's 2014 Letters About Literature Honors The Kid

The ceremony was an excellent experience as we were able to hear many of the other letters written by students.

A big day for us as we went to the state capitol in Salem for the kid to receive an award for her participation in Oregon's 2014 Letters About Literature contest. You can read her letter here.

The librarians at the State Library knew their stuff, having cookies and juice on hand as well as running a terrific awards ceremony.

The highlights were when the students read their letters, all which were thoughtful, intelligent, and usually involving a significant personal experience.

Many of the students were from small towns which made me feel a love of literature is universal and that there must be good teachers out there to have encouraged the kids to write. The variety of the books read, the tone and scope of the letters, all left me feeling humanity was on the right track.

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