Friday, May 30, 2014

Theory Of Camping Mandates All Vehicles Packed To Maximum

Not my ride. But if it were it would be just as jam-packed.

My Unified Theory of Recreation is if one goes camping the vehicle, no matter the size, will be packed to maximum capacity, always.

This was certainly true with the RV owners, who far from enjoying a plethora of extra space, filled the blank spots with bread machines and strings of festive lights.

The Portdaddia crew was lucky to ride in the finest vehicle ever made, a 2001 Nissan Maxima. And yes we packed it out, with roof box and bike rack on the back. We actually had some extra space, but a bag of tortilla chips nicely took care of that.

I remember the panic I felt when I was overwhelmed with the gear of babies, strollers and diapers and squeeze toys. Camping is similar, a veritable tsunami of bags within bags, packed in boxes and strapped to the side of the car.

I can't say I wish to be a minimalist, for I do appreciate a good chip with dip, but I like to surmise on the state of my camping experience should the Maxima be replaced with a Smart Car.

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