Thursday, May 29, 2014

Insane On The Membrane (And Less Messy): Banana Boats

Dark chocolate takes this dish to new heights.
Forget S'mores because they suck. Their suckiness is foremost attributed to the difficulty of having consistent dispersion of ingredients so that all flavors combine for more than one bite. Also, achieving adequate chocolate softening is difficult over a campfire, to say the least.

Plus when you eat a S'more you get sticky hands; and as you are camping washing them is a pain in the ass.

I suppose the "purists" will tell you that such is the appeal of the S'more. Perhaps. I also suppose there are "purists" who insist wheeled human-powered transport starts with the unicycle and ends with the 26" Men's Huffy Bike.

As a blogger I embrace the dawning of a new, frictionless age of information and aluminum foil, whereby the "Banana Boat" can replace the stultifying tradition of the campfire S'more.

The directions are easy: Take a banana and split it down the middle; stuff it with chocolate and marshmallow; wrap it in foil; and set it in a campfire for 5 minutes.

The banana caramelizes and becomes a sweet, creamy base for the melted chocolate and marshmallow. I eat it with a spoon, neatly enjoying every bite.

There will always be those who will shackle you to inferior dessert technology and stale Graham crackers, but you don't need to blithely accept this crappy reality. The year is 2014, the time, now: Banana Boats.

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