Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bribery Is Often The Best Policy For Homework

Coercion and persuasion have not been effective.
My daughter has a problem with homework. She worries about how she will complete her assignments, the stress of which then becomes an obstacle to completing her assignments.

I've tried the punishment method, but that only yielded an angry daughter who felt parents were unfair.

I've also tried to link future presidential bids on whether or not her 6th grade humanities homework had been completed on time. Her answer was that a political operative would fabricate the homework, or the PR person would help her spin incomplete homework to her advantage and she could say: "I was a maverick, going my own way, asking my own questions, starting in the 6th grade."

Today the daughter came home in an optimistic mood and together we crafted a document that potentially could be grounding-breaking. The homework could get done and the entire family could enjoy a fancy dessert.

A point of reference, the creature Turtwig, a Pokemon, is a source of merriment in our home for the name sounds like "Turd-twig" when spoken. That's why they call `em kids, for they act like children.

(I was actually the one to make this particular poop joke.)

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