Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Winners And Losers And Great Big Piles Of Gear

I feel like a winner because I escaped without any new "bargains."
When I was younger I was a surfer and when not in the water enjoyed the simple pleasure of looking endlessly at the pleasing curves of surfboards.

Now I windsurf occasionally and have a similar -- although not quite as acute -- enjoyment of checking out various gear. Windsurfing boards are usually thicker, have foot straps, and lack the eloquent minimalism of surfboards.

Sunday the mega-tsunami of window shopping occurred at a swap meet in Hood River, where piles of windsurfing boards, kite boards, kayaks, bikes, skis, and every shade of accessory were all out for sale, barter, or just plain free under sunny skies.

Before going I steeled myself against the temptation to accumulate stuff. Usually the winners at a swap meet are those who find a great piece of gear at a giveaway price. I suppose this is the goal of the swap -- to actually make the exchange. But for once I felt lucky to have arrived and departed without any additions to the gear pile in the garage.

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