Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hoodies Hold Popularity In Our Home

Bashful child or future internet entrepreneur?
My kids love hooded sweatshirts, or hoodies (whoo-deeez).

As I am middle-aged and mired in outdated notions of fashion and utilitarianism, it has taken me a long time to embrace this trend, if it indeed ever went out of style.

The kids like the hood and use it from time to time to either keep their heads warm or as a comic devise to show displeasure. I bought a hoodie to give it a shot, but feel like Robelard, the demented monk, when the hood is on my (un-tonsured) head.

For what it's worth, my main objection is if I jump on the bike to run an errand the hood often blocks my over-the-shoulder peek at traffic. Essentially the hood is a piece of frippery, unlike my Nehru jacket, which I depend on to consistently deliver pseudo (pa swee do) intellectual cred. 

The warmer weather is when my inattention to fashion perhaps is most evident. At least I'm in good company -- Portland is a rumpled town.

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