Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bikes Are Fun, And Other Wisdom

Mosier Tunnels State Park is the perfect place for a bike ride, even if I have to forcibly compel compliance.
One of the things I worry about is that my kids won't have good biking skills. I suppose this falls under the heading of "Stuff I Don't Really Need To Worry About." Still, I have a basic level of concern.

Part of this stems from my kids not being me. When I was between 8 and 12 I would come home from school and screw around with my bike for hours on end. Wheelies, power skids, all-terrain riding -- these were all part of the repertoire.

As it stands now, biking is something the kids do with Dad on weekends when he arranges to go to a special place for biking. Even then one kid may decide to opt out.

I try to set a good example by biking on errands around Portland, or getting some exercise on roads close to home, but I'm starting to realize that despite shared DNA the nippers just don't have the two-wheel psychosis.

All for the best, I suppose, the more the kids stay inside the less I worry about alien abduction.

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